Company & Founders Info

Artesian Water Well & Filter Services was formed in 2010 by it’s Founder Ron Coleman.

Ron is second generation oil, gas driller who started working in the oil patch for his father at the age of 9. Ron’s father Donald Coleman was the CEO of Coastal Petroleum Corp. which drilled over 2000 oil & gas wells in the 1970’s and 1980’s throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania. Ron was trained to perform all facets of the drilling business, geology/hydrology drilling,engineering completing and putting oil & gas wells into production. After the Oil & Gas industry crashed in 1985 Ron his father Donald Coleman and master driller Dale Flockerzie opened up 3-D Drilling & Pump Company in Temecula California in 1992 and operated through 2001.

Ron has been trained by THE BEST when it comes to drilling and engineering water well systems and offers his customers the highest of integrity when it comes to handling all their water needs. Ron has been part of over 500 new water wells throughout Riverside & San Diego Counties.

From finding your location to installing your new Pump, Storage Tank and filter system Artesian Water Well & Filter Services can get the job done!

Artesian Water Well & Filter Services are a distributor of:

1) Grundfos & Goulds Water Systems

2) Axeon Water Filter Systems

3) Forsta Self Cleaning Filter Systems

4) Franklin Electric Pumps, controls & Motors

5) Tiger Storage Tanks

Water Well Submersibale and Booster Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Storage Tanks and Filter Systems