How solar water pumps are beneficial to the agricultural community

If you talk about meeting water requirements in rural & remote regions, solar water pumps aptly fulfill the requirements. The best part of these pumps is that they don’t require any fuel and has less maintenance. If we talk about the usage of submersible pumps which are powered by solar energy then they are mainly put into use for cattle & livestock watering, wells, water transfer, irrigation and boreholes. The prices of these pumps have also come down considerably which has made these pumps more affordable.

Solar pumps are responsible for providing maximum flow of water as and when needed the most. Majority of these pumps don’t make use of batteries, the water gets pumped when the sun is shining. The water gets pumped in a storage tank, this gives an easy access to the water as and when there is requirement. Let us get to know about solar water pumps in detail –

Types –

Solar water pumps have two types – submersible and surface pumps. Let us first talk about submersible pumps, they are installed beneath the ground surface, however the solar panels are installed above the ground level. These pumps prove beneficial in the displacement of water via inside the wells to the surface. Talking about surface pumps, they are installed above the ground level and helps in displacing water via pipes. If you are looking to move large quantities of water, this type will surely fulfill your requirements efficiently. Surface pumps are extensively used in farms or large irrigation systems where the water needs to be displaced from landscaping or a lake.

Contribution to social betterment –

Solar water pumps play a better role in social development in varied ways. As the water supply system in the rural areas are less dependable, the use of solar pumps offers a safe, adequate and reliable supply of water which is also beneficial for maintaining community’s health. Other benefits of social betterment are increasing social unity within the community, more interaction within the community and reduced rate of migration.

Benefits –

Solar water pumps have various benefits; owing to this their usage is not confined to one particular region. Let us discuss its varied benefits in detail –

Solar water pumps are known for its high levels of efficiency. You get to enjoy fixed supply of water whether you need it during day or night. Yes, you might have an easy access to various better options but you cannot say no to solar pumps.

With solar water pumps, you get to enjoy significant savings. The key reason behind this is that it gets its power directly from the sun and you get deliverance from hefty electricity bills.

Reducing its energy consumption, it is an environment-friendly option.
Solar water pumps also enjoy longevity. These pumps are built using sturdy and durable components which help in offering long life to the pump.

You always cannot depend on electricity; this is where solar energy comes handy in powering the water pumps. Nowadays, solar water pumps can be purchased through Artesian Water Well & Filter Services @ 951-698-9040

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  1. I like the idea of having solar energy. I would do anything that would give me more energy. I think it would be nice to have the pumps run completely from solar panels.

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